Anonymous asked: The guys of Green Day have wives? If yes, what their names? :3

Billie Joe: married Adrienne Armstrong (Kids: Jacob & Joseph)

Tre Cool: No wife  (Kids: Ramona, Frankito)

Mike Dirnt: married to Brittney (Kids: Ryan Ruby, Brixton, Stella)

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: where were you all the time?

I’m a freaking exchange student in freaking Illinois and I don’t have the freaking time to be here all day long. And my computer is slow and my school gave me a MacBook, but blocked tumblr. (Idiots) I’m really sorry for that, but I try to come more online with the time. 

posted 2 years ago


i use the romney method when writing an essay

the “completely avoid the question because i have no idea what i am talking about” method

Okay so many things happened while I was gone oh my god somebody help me

And oh my god Stray Heart is the best thing ever

posted 2 years ago